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Lee, KyungHee

Professor at Division of Creative Engineering,The Cyber Univ. of Korea

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea(MFA)
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, USA(MFA)

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea(DFA)
exchange professor at Newcastle University, England(2003)

exchange professor at Newcastle University, England(2005)

Visiting Scholar at U.C. Berkeley , USA (2010)


10th On Time Mapped by Things, Emok gallery, Seoul, 2020
9th Museum of Saad Zaghloul, Cairo,Egypt, 2019
8th Suroundings, Gallery Dam, Seoul, 2009
7th. Dwelling, Space hal, Taebaek, 2008
6th Solo Show, Moran Gallery, Seoul, 2008
5th Geo Ju-Habitat, Sadi Space Gallery, Seoul, 2006
4th 7 Doors at the Long Gallery, Long Gallery, New Castle, England, 5/08 – 12/08, 2003
3rd Catching Up to You, Moln Gallery, Seoul, 9/12 – 9/18, 2001
2nd Mapping the Distances, Computer Network Installation between Seoul and San Francisco,

4/18 – 5/20, 1998, Seoul, San Francisco
1st Baik Song Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 8/29 – 9/4, 1990


25th Seoul Sculptor Society, Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Four Sculptors, University Libraray Art Gallery, Sonoma University, CA, US
From Seoul to YenGi, Gallery at YenGi University, YenGi, China
The Second Floor Room of NamDaeMoon Where Truman Stayed, Insa Art Space, Korea
Chul Am Gallery, Gangwondo, Korea
Curiosity and Imagination, Exploration of own body, Gana Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Visual Anthology-media interpretations, Work 2001/ Intermedia Art Book at Web Show, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
BAN/BAN, Richmond Art Center, Main Gallery, USA
Media_City Seoul 2000, Subway Project, Public Installation for Gwang Hwa Mun Station, Seoul
2000 kwangju Biennale, New Media Art + Scar


1991  Excellence Award, Korea National Art Festival,(Contemporary Miseum of Korea) 

1992  Special Prize, Dong-A Art  Festival (Contemporary Miseum of Korea),

1992  Special Prize, Chung Ang Art Festival (Ho-Am Art Gallery, Korea),

2005 Asem-Duo Fellowship
2003 Asem-Duo Fellowship Awardee


Korea National Contemporary Museum(Seoul,Korea) GuwauEnvironmentalPark (TaeBaik,GwangWonDo)
The Cyber Universityof Korea (Seoul,Korea)
Yuksa & Ryuksa(history & station), Kwang Wha Mun Subway Station(Seoul, Korea) Moran Outdoor Museum (Masuk, Kyungkido,Korea)

Dong-A Daily News (Seoul,Korea)
KyungWon University (Kyungkido,Korea)
The Office of Water Works Seoul MetropolitanGovernment(Seoul,Korea)

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